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Remote Experimentation and Analysis of Low Orbit (REALOP -1) is UC Davis's first CubeSat. Its main function is to provide data for scientists and K-12 students to study oceanic patterns and wildfires. The satellite features flight computers, air coils, flywheels, cameras, and an experimental system, hard disk drive reaction wheels, to control the satellite's orientation in space. The satellite has been completely designed by undergraduate students who have spent over 3 years developing this project. Currently, the CubeSats’ subsystems are being tested for weaknesses and for mission readiness. After we approve the final design, we’ll begin ordering the structure and begin the final assembly; our goal is to have testing done by the end of March and final assembly by the end of June! Please support the Space and Satellite Systems Club Support Fund!  Our current project is REALOP 1.


Members of the Electrical team design and implement all electrical components, from high-level system maps to low-level circuit design.


Members of the Structures team design, analyze, and test the satellite’s structural components including the frame and internal structure to determine thermal, shock, and vibrational load capacities.


Members of the ADCS team design and implement solutions to the satellite’s attitude related requirements. Included in these requirements are the ability to determine attitude relative to a fixed point (earth), adjust attitude about the axis of momentum and the polar axis (x and y, respectively), as well as desaturate spin about the zenith axis using a single reaction wheel.


Members of the Programming team write and test all computer programs needed for the satellite to function properly. This includes the core operating system, communication protocols, calibration algorithms for ADCS, and other mission-critical processes. 

Please support the Space and Satellite Systems Club Support Fund!  Our current project is REALOP 1. 

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Your donation of $10 will help keep Space Block sailing smoothly in orbit.


Sun Block

Your gift of $20 will help us get material to prevent Space Block from cooking in the sun.


Space Tricks

Your gift of $50 will help us manufacture our reaction wheels, enabling us to perform maneuvers in space. You will be highlighted on our Instagram story!


Tools & Assembly

Your gift of $100 will help buy the tools to test and put together Space Block. You will receive a personalized thank you note, plus all the benefits above!


Electrical Hardware

Your gift of $200 will help us buy PCB’s to get electricity flowing in Space Block. We'll add your name on our website, plus all the benefits above!


Coding & Configuration

Your gift of $500 will help us code the brain of Space Block. We invite you to virtually attend the launch of Space Block and receive all the benefits above!


Component Testing

Your gift of $1000 will help us fund component testing. Your name will float in space on Space Block and you will receive all the benefits above!

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