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Project ended on February 28, at 11:59 PM PST
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OneLoop is a student-run engineering club founded at UC Davis competing in the European Hyperloop Week 2022. Hyperloop is a proposed mode of mass transportation for both freight and passengers for medium to long-haul travel. It will be a highly sustainable, electrically-powered mode of transportation with maximal use of renewables to power its function. OneLoop's goal is to develop and prototype an incredibly fast and efficient hyperloop pod with the idea of furthering the development of the technology related to the hyperloop systems. Our research in combination with our testing is meant to advance an alternative transportation solution utilizing a vacuum-sealed environment and designing components that function safely in such an environment.

Through our project, we hope to inspire and motivate students to try new things with a hands-on approach. Our goal of raising $7000, came from a list of countless different parts needed to bring together our propulsion, structural and power subteams in finalizing our pod. We will utilize funds from donors, to move from simulation to the physical building and testing of our prototype. With the pod being heavily reliant on those three teams it is important that we meet our goal to purchase materials to create a linear induction motor to propel the pod forward and a variable frequency drive to manage the pod's speed.

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Your gift will help us purchase tools to allows students to make their design a reality"



Just like how Pi never ends, this contribution will help students design a durable, reusable structure for our pod.



Help connect us together by contributing to electrical connectors to hold together many components of our hyperloop pod.



Keep us speedily working towards manufacturing our design, as this gift allows students to build their own custom PCB boards.



Be the magnet that'll keep us together with your contribution to help fund part of our pod’s encasing.


Levitating Cow

Be the cow that'll keep us (moo)ving as this helps contribute towards steel lamination for propulsion.


Taking Flight

With this contribution we will be able to purchase enough magnetic wire for our propulsion system as our pod takes flight.



Take us to infinity, with your donation that will help contribute to a LIM core directing our pod’s path.

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