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Protect Human Right to Education with Article 26 Backpack

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Protect Human Right to Education with Article 26 Backpack

Article 26 Backpack, or Backpack, is an online tool designed to help refugee and displaced young people assert their human right to education. The loss of critical academic and career documents is a harsh reality with devastating consequences for many refugees, displaced, and at-risk young people. The fear that documents could be seized, lost, stolen, or destroyed is omnipresent. For students on the move and in high-risk situations, digital document storage means connecting or reconnecting with higher education and invaluable career opportunities, no matter where they are in the world.

A team of university professionals, registrars, admissions officers, and higher education specialists collaborated to develop Backpack, carefully ensuring that it aligned with international admissions standards. With Backpack, young people can safely store and share their essential educational and career records. These include transcripts, diplomas, resumes, training certificates, research, and even creative works, which students can share with universities, employers, scholarship or refugee agencies, and credential evaluators.

With your help, we’ve added new languages to Backpack, upgraded and expanded our digital security, and collaborated with universities all over the world. Now, your donations will support our ongoing partnership with Rwandan NGOs specializing in education to enroll university-age refugee, displaced, and at-risk young people living in Rwanda and Cameroon in Backpack. Your contributions will also support the development of a Backpack mobile app, which will make Backpack and the power for individuals to protect their human right to education more accessible. Please support the Article 26 Backpack program - where our latest initiative is to providing a safe, secure and efficient connection to professional resources for refugees and at-rick young people.

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Materials Development

Allows the Backpack team to develop critical materials, such as Backpack instructional videos in multiple languages.


Backpack App

Contributes to efforts to develop a Backpack mobile application, increasing accessibility for those in low-bandwidth areas.


Backpack Site Security Updates

Contributes to the cost of Backpack's frequent security updates, helps maintain high-security level to protect Backpacker documents.


Technical Support

Provides technology for students with low-access to tablets and laptops, allowing them to enroll in Backpack and upload materials/videos.


Human Rights Conference

Helps cover the cost of attendance for Backpack guides to travel and present at human rights conferences, locally and abroad.

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