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Engineers Without Borders

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Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders at UC Davis is a student-run, non-profit student organization focused on projects aimed toward essential infrastructure. Throughout the past year, we have worked towards sustainable and empowering solutions to our partnering communities needs.

Here is what Crowdfund has helped us achieve in the past and what we hope to achieve this year.

The Bolivia project at the UC Davis chapter of Engineers Without Borders USA aims to replace the current practice of open defecation with twin-pit latrines. Current sanitation practices leave most residents falling sick on a monthly basis which can lead to contamination of local water sources. Crowdfund can fund the implementation of these latrines while educating young girls in Parque Colani about their menstrual cycle and how to sustainably manage it.

The Kenya Project team is working to implement a solar-powered borehole to provide the community of Mabinju with a reliable clean water source. We’ve conducted a hydrogeological survey and are preparing to drill a borehole in partnership with the EWB-USA East Africa Regional Office and a local contractor. With the help of Crowdfund, after the borehole is established, our next steps will be to implement a submersible pump, solar panels, and a storage tank.

Saparcon Bajo is a community of approximately 155 people in the Cajamarca region of Peru. Our chapter is working to increase the quality and quantity of water delivered to the community by forming a five-year partnership with the community and tackling the associated problems. During these five-years, the team will conduct an assessment trip, implementation trips and monitoring and evaluation trips where the team will work with our local partners to find a sustainable solution to the community’s drinking water problems. Crowdfund will help EWB at UC Davis to provide potable water for their community and promote gender equality by encouraging women to participate in community decisions.

Please support the Engineers Without Borders Student Organization and our ongoing projects around the world!

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A Hand-some Gift

Your gift of $20 could provide a handwashing sink that can be installed outside of a household latrine in Bolivia. Providing a sink will improve the health and sanitation practices of a household in Parque Colani.


Brick Thinking

Your gift of $50 would provide enough bricks for the construction of one latrine in Bolivia. Providing brick walls and a roof will allow community members to feel safe and protected while using the latrine. With this gift, you will also receive a shoutout on social media and in our general emails to club members.


Ace the Test

Your gift of $100 can purchase a test kit for the Peru project to collect water quality data for further assessment and construction planning in Saparcon Bajo. In addition to this, your name or company logo will go on our website for 12 months.


Sun-sational Support

Your gift of $250 is worth one solar panel module for the Kenya project. This module will help ensure reliable and sustainable energy to power their well in Mabinju. This gift will also decorate our team shirts with your name or your company logo.


What a Treat-ment

Your gift of $500 will fund the Kenya project water treatment plan, by providing chlorine treatment for their deep aquifer borehole well. In addition, you will have the opportunity to present a one-hour speaker session for general members or receive an invitation to any of our general meetings.

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