Crowdfund UC Davis thanks all of the donors who gave to this important project in February. This campaign has closed, but we are grateful for your support!

Transform Neglected Spaces in Davis into Native Habitat Gardens

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Support the Davis Rewilding Society

UPDATE: We were able to raise our original goal of $2,500! We will be stretching our goal to $3,500 and hope to secure that goal during the month of February. 

The Davis Rewilding Society is dedicated to improving Davis's urban ecosystems, increasing awareness of California's biodiversity, and fostering human-to-land connections. Our primary initiative is planting projects, the funding of which is the main goal of our campaign. We choose native plants that support wildlife and plant them both on and off campus. Our plantings are tailored to provide habitat for specific species, like the imperiled Crotch's bumblebee and monarch butterfly. Our volunteer plantings also offer experiential learning opportunities to students and community members and become spaces for people to build connections with each other and the landscape.

These projects require native plants, tools, and eager volunteers to be successful. We will use the money from this campaign mainly to purchase seeds and plants from local nurseries and restoration supply companies. The rest of the funds will go to purchasing tools for weeding and planting, and to ensure our events can offer food and water to our hardworking volunteers.

Supporting our project means supporting the transformation of neglected spaces in Davis into beautiful native habitat gardens. It also means supporting the wildlife already living in Davis that depends upon interactions with native plants. In addition, the process of building this habitat will help more students and local residents build a connection to the land and provide a tangible opportunity to confront the pressures of climate change and the biodiversity crisis. The challenges facing humans and the rest of the biosphere can feel overwhelming, but we believe that we can all work to "rewild" ourselves and the spaces in which we live.

Choose a giving level


Sprinkle wildflower seeds!

Flowering plants are the backbone of our native ecosystems, and a high diversity of flowering plants will support a high diversity of wildlife! Your $5 donation will help us sow the seeds of a native wildflower such as California Poppy or Lacy Phacelia.


Buy 1 native plant!

Native plants at standard nursery size usually cost between $10-15. This amount will purchase one plant for inclusion in one of our habitat gardens, and feed countless wildlife species!


Make a deeper impact!

Native plants don’t plant themselves! This tier will cover one shovel or other tool used in the installation of our gardens.


Fund a weatherproof info sign!

What do we have here? Buy an informational sign to educate passersby about the importance of native plants.


Sustain our volunteers!

Planting native plants is hard work! This amount is enough to ensure our volunteers have access to ample snacks and water for our volunteer days.


Fund our pollinator garden!

Plant an entire native garden! With this donation you can buy enough supplies for a whole project and receive name recognition if desired on our informational sign.

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